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Performance and prospects for the UK window and door market

Our flagship study, the Palmer Report into the Window Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing, provides a comprehensive industry forecast.

Despite increasing maturity, the window and door market in UK housing continues to present significant investment opportunities and growth potential.

The market for windows, entrance doors and conservatories remains dynamic. The exponential growth that the market saw up until 2004 may have slowed but it continues to deliver sizeable pockets of opportunity. These are not only dependent on sector or product but also material-type.

The Palmer Report into the Window Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing provides invaluable insight, supporting our customers in identifying and accessing key growth areas.

The Window Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing 2017

The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing in Great Britain 2017, paints a complex picture defined by pockets of substantial growth, delivered against a back drop of market contraction.

Performing above forecast in 2016 with growth in volume of 1% and 7% in value terms to £4.5bn, the market, is predicted to slow this year and into next, in the face of falling house sales and the continuing uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

Forecasts for individual products and materials are highly variable, ranging from growth of up to 28% for the strongest performing products to a drop of 13% for the least.

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  • Publication date Sept. 2017
  • Frequency of publication: Annual
  • Years covered: 1985-2021
  • Number of pages: 157
  • Format PDF as standard. Hard copy available

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The Window Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing 2017

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