Setting the industry standard in strategic market research

Palmer Reports offer the most comprehensive analysis and forecasts for the window, entrance door, conservatories, commercial glazing and floor coverings markets in the UK.

We offer an end-to-end assessment of the value chain based on a rigorous field and desk research programme and more than three-decades’ trend analysis.

Palmer Reports provide invaluable strategic insight for investors and manufacturers.

With detailed data bank beginning as early as 1976, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the window, entrance door, conservatories, commercial glazing and floor coverings markets.

This long-term approach, combined with our exhaustive field and desk research programmes allows us to forecast future trends with a high level of accuracy.

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer trained as a chartered quantity surveyor, working both in private practice, and at the then Department of the Environment (DOE).  After completing a Masters degree in Construction at Loughborough University of Technology, he joined the specialist market research agency, Construction Markets, where he had responsibility for the research areas of windows and doors, contract floor coverings, and trade paint and wood-care.

Heading up a team of market research specialists Robert founded Palmer Market Research in 1982, since when he has expanded the scope and depth of the specialist reports to the point where they have become their respective industry standards.

Other reports by Palmer

The Window, Door and Conservatory Markets in Housing

What are the key trends in domestic window, door and conservatory markets? Which products will be the winners and which will be the losers? Start your strategic business planning here.

The Market for Domestic Conservatories Markets

The reinvention of the conservatory continues with the launch of a new generation of hybrid and solid roof products. Which will have greatest market potential?

The Market for Domestic Entrance Doors

The entrance of new products and new manufacturers has made the domestic entrance door market one of the most dynamic in the window and door industry.

The Commercial Glazing Markets

The commercial glazing sector has been a good hunting ground for investors and glass companies. What impact is economic and political change having?

The Contract Floor Covering Market

The contract floor covering market continues to deliver significant areas of growth. We offer a long-term trend analysis and detailed forecasts.

Special reports

In addition to our main programme we work with investors and businesses to provide specialist or product or sector specific private reports.